The Micronation of Great Yarum is split into 4 states, which in turn are split futher down into counties. These retain some level of independance, although they are ussually more commonly used to indicate a specific region in which someone lives (e.g I am John Smith of Davenbrough). The counties of each state were decided the day after Great Yarum became Official.
County map2

Map of Great Yarum counties

List of Current CountiesEdit

See also: List of counties of Yarm (state), List of Counties of Suburbia, List of Counties of Levendale, Regions of Great Yarum

As of December 22nd 2009 there are 36 counties, 13 in Suburbia, 16 in Levendale and 7 in Yarm.

Counties in Leven ParkEdit

Levendale (South)

The Grove

Canon Grove






Levendale (North)


Greater Valley

Lesser Valley


West Levendale

Levendale (East)

Leven State Park


East Levendale

East bank

Counties in SuburbiaEdit

Suburbia (North East)

Grammar hill


Yarm Primary county


Suburbia (South East)

South Beat county


Suburbia (South West)

Green Lane county


Railway county

Suburbia (North West)



Suburbia state park

Willey Flats

Counties in YarmEdit

Yarm (Highstreet)

Chuch County

West Yarm

Central Yarm

East Yarm

Yarm (Worsall and Spital)

Worsall Hill


Yarm school County


Each county is ussually divided from another county by roads. This is why many of the borders of some counties are straight or follow the shape of the road.

Possible future countiesEdit

Some possible new counties may come from Future states that may join the GY, or the expansion of current states borders. However it is possible some counties may be divided into smaller counties, such as the debate on if Railshire should be one or two counties. Some people wish for Leven state park to be abolished due to it's awkward shape and should merge with other counties.

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