The United Micronations Organization (UMNO) or simply United Micronations (UMN) is an international organization whose stated aims are to unifying many Micronations into one governing body, thus facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and the achieving of world peace. The UMN was founded in 2009 by the current President Jacob Hodgson Stokes to replace UNOTEE, a previous attempt at bringing micronations together.

There are currently only 2 Micronations who are part of the UMN, Great Yarum and Fuerte de España, however this number is expected to rise as the UMN is only in it's early days.

The UM's policy on micronations who wish to join is clear- as long as they want peace membership may be given.


See also: Attempts at unifying Micronation community before the UMN

The original idea for the UMN was drafted up in December 2009 by the President Jacob Hodgson Stokes. The idea was brought out of the ashes of another attempt at creating a unified body of Micronations, the UNOTEE, which failed in early 2007.

The original draft was only meant to split the home town of the President, Yarm, into multiple states then unify them into a collective union. The idea eventually broadened and soon a new idea to create a more world-wide network of Micronations was born. It was to be called the UMN. Depsite the fact there had been many attempts to do something like this before which have all eventually failed this project was created with the aim to keep it running indeffinetly. After this desicion there still remained the job of splitting Yarm into different states. The number of states eventually setteled at four, after many other amounts from 2-18 were tried but did not suit the wishes of the President. The four states, the state of Yarm, Suburbia, Levendale and Exuberia collectively joined to form the Micronation of Great Yarum, thus becoming the first nation to join the UMN.

On the night of the 20th of December 2009 a second nation was added, Fuerte de España (Fort of Spain). Fuerte de España was actually created on the same night as it joined the UMN. The fort itself was merely a holiday home for the President in Spain, however he wanted it to represent that the spirit of Micronations can be found anywhere, even half way up a mountain (which is were Fuerte de España is located).

After Fuerte de España became a member, the job of inviting other nations to join the UMN began. The UMN has already said it eaferly awaits the next member, however it has also said things cannot be rushed and that nations shall join at their own pace.




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